Personal Training



  • Face-to-face personal training sessions.

  • All sessions are delivered in Will's private PT studio, located in the heart of Goodlife Fitness Club in Armadale.

  • Individual sessions but 2-on-1 also available.

Here are the most popular options:

  • Individual booster session x 30 minutes

  • Individual private session x 60 minutes

  • 20 prepaid sessions x 60 minutes each


Please, contact Will to prepare a quote according to your fitness needs and/or to respond your no obligation enquiries. A price list (including the most popular options) is also available.

Overall Specialties

  • Sustainable fitness results, no matter what age or fitness levels.

  • Customised Program design for conditioning goals and/or assist therapeutic needs.

  • Gradual and differentiated progressions based on tailored exercise prescription, modifiable equipment and updated coaching methods.

Specific Specialties

  • Core conditioning

  • Low Back care & injury prevention

  • Gluteus strengthening & aesthetic goals

  • Strength Coaching and body-sculpting.

  • Conditioning for specific sports