Will Arias
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Overall Specialties

  • Tailored program design to help in accomplishing sustainable fitness results, no matter what age or fitness levels.

  • Customised Program design for conditioning goals and/or assist therapeutic needs.

  • Gradual and differentiated progressions based on tailored exercise prescription, modifiable equipment and updated coaching methods.

Specific Specialties

  • Core conditioning

  • Low Back care & injury prevention

  • Gluteus strengthening & aesthetic goals

  • Strength Coaching and body-sculpting.

  • Conditioning for specific sports.


"I start by coaching how to move from point 'A' to point 'B' plus everything what happens in between. That's when sustainable results begin."




















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Core & glute conditioning

"Sparing the spine from injury is a priority (either if prescribing for referred patients or designing programs for strengthening and/or aesthetic goals). In that order, tailoring specialised core and glute exercises is essential to strengthen the torso musculature and stabilise the lumbar spine. This evidence-based approach allows me to deliver sustainable solutions to my clients, regardless age or current fitness level."



























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Specific Sports Conditioning

"Depending the physical demands and motion patterns of your sport, a tailored plan usually requires work on optimal strength, mobilisation,  corrective prescription, carryover drills and mindset. 

I have helped clients with specific conditioning in the following sports: golf, football, tennis, aussie rules, powerlifting, surf, snowboard, skiing, cycling, hiking and motor racing."


"Moving well and getting stronger, in that order, lead us to healthier standards.

It is no point to lift a fridge if you move like one"









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A word about Warm-ups

"Instead of going on a treadmill to warm up, my dear clients understand the benefits of dynamic stretches associated with the training session ahead. Mobilising and replicating the squat pattern (as below) is one of the best examples that comes to mind."








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Working history at a glance

  • Over 28 years working in the fitness industry.

  • Over 36,000 Personal Training sessions.

  • Registered PT in Australia since 2001.

  • Fitness First Health Clubs PT for 12 years.

  • Goodlife Health Clubs PT for 3 years.

  • Fitness Studio owner since 2013.

Professional experience

  • Gluteus and core conditioning, spine care, aesthetic goals and strength training,

  • Sustainable results delivered to all ages & fitness levels (click here to see testimonials).

  • Program design for clients pre/post lumbar spine surgery, post heart surgery, pre/post knee and hip replacements.

  • Success with clients presenting special anthropometry or skeletal dimensions.

  • Carryover training and conditioning for specific sports and lifestyle.





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  • Masters in Communication

  • Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Professional Development

  • CHEK®, Exercise Coach

  • CHEK®, Holistic Lifestyle Coach

  • FMS®, Functional Movement System L2

  • WKC®, Exercise Kettlebell Coach

  • Twist®, Movement, Balance, Strength

  • PT Academy®, Trigger points & TRX cert.

  • Rehab Trainer®, Certificate

  • FMA®, Strength Institute L3

Ongoing Education

Updated evidence-based resources and library. Influenced by world-renowned leaders within the health and fitness industry (from PhDs in spine biomechanics, joint, core & glute function to strength & conditioning coaches, physical therapists and holistic practitioners).

Current Registrations

  • Fitness Australia, Registered Advanced Exercise Professional L3

  • Guild, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Premium Policy

  • Accredited First Aid Courses & CPR

  • Department of Justice and Regulation, Working With Children Check


  • Personal Trainer of the year in Victoria, Awarded by Fitness First Australia, 2003.



















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