Will Arias
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Personal Training



  • Face-to-face personal training sessions.

  • All sessions are delivered in Will's private PT studio, located in the heart of Goodlife Fitness Club in Armadale.

  • Individual sessions but 2-on-1 also available.

Here are the most popular options:

  • Individual booster session x 30 minutes

  • Individual private session x 60 minutes

  • 20 prepaid sessions x 60 minutes each


Introductory offer for new clients only:

  • Individual sessions from $70

  • Prepaid packages from $300

Contact us to cater your requirements. 

(*) Plus GST.






















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Fitness facility

  • Private and unique environment for genuine customised sessions
  • Tailorable equipment to modify exercises according to individual requirements.
  • Enhanced coaching delivery in a proven and safe setting.
  • Complimentary benefits include LIVE heart rate tracking system, modifiable temperature and music, BPA-free water, take away workout-towel and more.
  • Do more in less time. No more waiting for a given piece of equipment to become available or having to change your program's order. Skip crowded gym floors, annoying patrons or having to share sweaty gear with others. 
  • No additional cost or membership needed. 































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"I always dreamt of having a space like this for my clients. 

So, I built it."





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"Clients often praise my studio as a valuable resource.

I'd love to think they also regard me as resourceful."









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"My fitness studio allows me to genuinely tailor both exercises and equipment, In order to cater individual needs and priorities. "

 "Instead of chasing the perfect movement, lets build the movements that are perfect for you".

If not based on Melbourne, scroll below to check online options available.









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Online Coaching

Here are my 4 online coaching options:










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