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Andy Myer, 56

"Will is a truly unique personal trainer. I have been a happy and strong client for 12 years, twice a week!

...Measuring the quality of your performance training is simple: Review how much impact it has in your everyday life, particularly when doing those things that you love the most. I found that balance since Will became my fitness coach in 2006.

In all this time together, our only disagreements have been about Will's poor musical choices in his otherwise state-of-the-art studio. He might have different version though 😜".


(Ed. One morning, Andy texted me to ask: "Hey Will, bad weather to play tennis. Do you have any spot available around lunch time?" I said "Yep". Well, this video compiles what happened that day.)


Will was able to combine a rehabilitation program whilst still enabling continued fitness growth. Evidence based in every exercise he prescribes, Will provides long-term results. Whether your ambition is weight loss, strength or sports conditioning, he has the expertise and knowledge to deliver success.”

— Tonina Morgan, 38,  National Group Sales Manager L'Oreal Australia

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Amanda Smith, 51

"My training with Will has now become a non negotiable from “let’s see how this goes” to “what are we doing this week” Each session is different, lots of fun and varied.

I’ve trained with lots of trainers over the years and he is hands down the best and most knowledgeable trainer I’ve ever trained with. If you take your health and fitness seriously and want to see results you cannot afford not to train with Will. He gives you what you need, not just what you want and that is the difference!"    (Ed. Amanda is a fully qualified Personal Trainer)


"Will creates a safe, fun environment to train in, and I know I can push myself under his guidance without any fear of damage. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

— Deb Kwasnicki, 57, National Board The Hunger Project Australia

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Sara Kirby, 29

"Could not ask for a better coach than Will! He is passionate, cares about his craft, takes the time to ensure every client is getting exactly what they want and need. Will really knows his stuff. 

He educates about which joints & muscles you need to be using to avoid any future injuries and to get the body you want. I have been training with Will since 2014 and I still keep learning and seeing positive results week after week.

Will is passionate about what he does and really thrives off seeing his clients succeed and reach their goals. Training with him has been so beneficial to my fitness, strength, and enthusiasm towards working out. I wholeheartedly recommend Will as a PT :)”


“Training with Will Arias certainly is an eye opener to fitness. He constantly looks outside the square and makes each session enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. Will endorses great core strength, posture, athleticism and general wellbeing. Plenty of belly laughs in between the vigorous work. Sign up with Will. You won’t regret it!”

— Jason Wall, 46, Partner at Stannards, Accountants and Advisors

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Tony Lewis, 75

"Will has been ‘maintaining’ my body for 15 years! I first came to him with severe lower back trauma. He took a very focused approach, strengthening my core, eliminating the pain and enabling flexibility. 

In the last 4 years, arthritic pain in my thoracic area was impacting my lifestyle and, again, with his skills and knowledge of the body,  Will designed a very specific tailored programme for me. Thanks to his dedication and attention to detail, he has me back in good shape. On top of his personal training skills, Will has a delightful personality, making training with him an activity that I look forward to twice a week.”



"I can’t recommend Will highly enough. 

He is the best person in his field of endeavour!"

— Robert Kirby, 65, Co CEO and Chairman Village Roadshow

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Glenda Date, 65

"Hey... home today. My surgeon just told me I'm in the top 1% for leg raises & quad crunches. Thank you... Glenda 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😘😘”

(Ed. Literally, that was Glenda's text message, only 4 days after having a total knee replacement. Very glad hearing about her smooth recovery and feeling proud of witnessing her fitness journey, while working in conjunction with great coach Tony Kimonides. Having said that, nothing would be possible without Glenda's determination and fitness mindset. 👊🏻Hat 🎩off to her! 

The 2 videos below describe our tailored training approach during the 38 weeks between her left and right knee replacements. So, The first video includes exercise prescription after her left knee replacement, while the second shows preparation for her right knee replacement. 


“I spent about an hour and a half with Will and he completely transformed my technique in relation to both deadlifts and squats. I went from weak jerking and inefficient lifting to powerful technical lifting in just two sessions. I would highly recommend Will to anyone looking to improve their training technique and fitness. I cannot thank Will enough.”

- Mark Silverer, 30, Goodlife member

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Helen Lewis, 73

After I underwent lower back surgery for a previous injury, Will has carefully focused on building my core strength and stability and improving my flexibility. 

He keeps a very watchful eye on each exercise to ensure I am performing it correctly and always clearly explains the reason for any particular movement and I am certainly reaping the benefits of his expertise.

He is very creative with his routines, which makes for an enjoyable session.

I have been training with Will for 13 years and find him to be extremely knowledgeable, very professional and dedicated and with a warm, delightful personality that gently persuades and urges me on. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Will. He is the best!

















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Loz Rinaldi, 34

Training with Will has been one of the best decisions of my life! He has helped and encouraged me so much I honestly think its been life changing.

Will has supported and guided me in reaching my goals, helping me to reach potential and levels I actually didn’t know I had before. Through his training I have reshaped my body, become so much stronger and mentally tougher and found a new belief in my abilities.

He  continually encourages me to strive to be better and his belief in what I can achieve and his desire to see me succeed has been such a motivating factor for me! Will’s passion for what he does and his genuine care has enabled me to play football at a level I previously would never have considered possible.

Will has also helped me to deal with injuries and enabled me to continue training in appropriate ways while I have recovered. While Will started as my personal coach he has proved himself a wise mentor and friend and I am so thankful for him and the changes in my life he has enabled me to make.












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Cath LeHunt, 45

"Will's approach to fitness makes him an unique coach. The first quality that comes to mind is his capacity to differentiate and unleash individual potential. I've learned physical skills that I never thought I could achieve for years.

Also my fitness mindset has reached new standards. Now, whenever I'm travelling or having a solo session, I am confident enough to follow my program rather than feeling intimidated by gym environments. By the way, I love Will's fitness facility :) "

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Paul Ivany, 61

“I have been training with Will for the past nine years. He is constantly modifying my sessions, keeping them really challenging, interesting and placing a strong emphasis on what my current goals are, whether it be skiing, golf* or weight loss.

Will is very knowledgable (and) constantly looking for new exercise techniques. I have enjoyed my sessions with Will and appreciate the benefits to my core, strength and flexibility.” *(Ed. Paul's handicap is 9.9)

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Graham Williams, 55

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“I have been training with William since 2003 and can say with confidence that he is a true professional.” 

(Ed. Just to say the least, Graham's fitness journey has been very inspiring. An accomplished snowboarder, his passion for motorsports lead him to start a car racing career. Currently, Graham is a Porsche Carrera Cup competitor. Therefore, his performance training has shifted to CNS adaptation, strength endurance and specific core strength)"




















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Jeff Balchin, 45

“Hi Will, Hello from Florence. Just letting you know that I got through the Tour Transalp without any knee injuries.

The ride included ascents of the Stelvio and Mortiloro (famous Giro de Italia passes), with almost 4.000m of climbing on the day...

Thanks for the help fixing my knee problem & strength building, in general.”

(Ed. In order to prepare this epic experience, Jeff dropped 20 kilos in only 6 months!)


The right time is right now!    

- Will arias, 52

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